Accessories for plush toys

Today, let’s learn about the accessories of plush toys. We should know that exquisite or interesting accessories can reduce the monotony of plush toys and add points to plush toys.

(1) Eyes: Plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, movable eyes, etc.

(2) Nose: it can be divided into plastic nose, flocked nose, wrapped nose and matte nose.

(3) Ribbon: specify the color, quantity or style. Please pay attention to the quantity of the order.

(4) Plastic bags: (PP bags are commonly used in the United States and are cheaper. European products must use PE bags; the transparency of PE bags is not as good as PP bags, but PP bags are more prone to wrinkling and breaking). PVC can only be used as packaging materials (DEHP content must be limited to 3% / m2.), Heat shrinkable film is mainly used for color box packaging as a protective film.

(5) Carton: (Divided into two types)
Single corrugated, double corrugated, three corrugated and five corrugated. The single corrugated box is usually used as the inner box or the turnover box for domestic delivery. The quality of the outer paper and the inner corrugated box determines the firmness of the box. Other models are generally used as outer boxes. Before ordering cartons; It is necessary to select the genuine and affordable suppliers first. It is necessary to confirm the various types of paper provided by the carton factory first. Note that each factory may be different. It is necessary to select the genuine and affordable paper. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of each batch of purchase, so as to prevent the supplier from passing off the inferior products as genuine ones. In addition, factors such as weather humidity and rainy season climate may also have adverse effects on the paper.

(6) Cotton: it is divided into 7d, 6D, 15d, and a, B and C. We usually use 7d / A, and 6D is rarely used. Grade 15d / B or grade C shall be applied to low-grade products or products with full and hard fortresses. 7d is very smooth and elastic, while 15d is rough and hard.
According to the fiber length, there are 64mm and 32mm cotton. The former is used for manual washing and the latter is used for machine washing.
The general practice is to loosen the cotton by entering the raw cotton. It is necessary to ensure that the cotton loosening workers operate correctly and have enough loosening times to make the cotton completely loose and achieve good elasticity. If the cotton loosening effect is not good, the cotton consumption will be wasted.

(7) Rubber particles: (Divided into PP and PE), the diameter shall be greater than or equal to 3mm, and the particles shall be smooth and uniform. Products exported to Europe usually use PE, which is more environmentally friendly. Except for special requirements of customers, PP or PE can be used for export to the United States, and PP is cheaper. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, all exported products must be wrapped in inner bags.

(8) Plastic accessories: the body of ready-made plastic accessories can not be changed, such as size, size, shape, etc. otherwise, the mold needs to be opened. Generally, the cost of plastic molds is expensive, ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, depending on the size of the mold, the difficulty of the process, and the selection of mold materials. Therefore, generally, the production order output of less than 300000 should be calculated separately.

(9) Cloth marks and weaving marks: they must pass the tension of 21 pounds, so now they are mostly used with thick tape.

(10) Cotton ribbon, webbing, silk cord and rubber band of various colors: pay attention to the impact of different raw materials on product quality and cost.

(11) Velcro, fastener and zipper: the Velcro shall have high adhesion fastness (especially when the function and application requirements are high).

Post time: Aug-16-2022

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