Fashion trend of plush toys

Many plush toys have become a fashion trend, promoting the development of the whole industry. Teddy bear is an early fashion, which quickly developed into a cultural phenomenon. In the 1990s, nearly 100 years later, ty Warner created Beanie Babies, a series of animals filled with plastic particles. Through the marketing strategy of increasing demand and encouraging collection, these toys have become a fashion. Pillow pet is another successful brand, which can be folded into plush toys from pillows. The brand was launched in 2003 and sold more than 30 million toys from 2010 to 2016.

The Internet has also provided opportunities for the new trend of plush toys. In 2005, Ganz launched Webkinz plush toys. Each plush toy has a different “secret code”. You can visit Webkinz world website and virtual version of toys to play online. Webkinz’s success has inspired the unlocking of digital content with code, such as the creation of other plush toys before the online world Disney Penguin club and the built-in a-bearville bear studio. In 2013, Disney launched its XXX Disney Tsum Tsum series of plush toys made according to characters from different places of Disney. Inspired by the popular app of the same name, Tsum tsums was first released in Japan and then expanded to the United States.

Fashion trend of plush toys

Nowadays, young people have become a new force of consumption. Plush toys also follow their hobbies and have a large number of game playing methods in the use of IP. Whether it is the re writing of classic IP or the current popular image IP of “network red man”, it can help the plush toys to succeed, attract the eyes of young customers and generate a premium for the products themselves.

1. The changeable shape design attracts the “sucking cat” family. It is a small lazy cat with bulging, fleshy and greedy. Its GIF dynamic animation image is widely loved on Facebook and twitter. The facial features are exquisite and real, and the shape design is changeable. According to the characteristic food, the daily life series products, the food material series products and the super transformation series products are launched, which are loved by the “cat sucking” family. As long as the large format can meet the requirements of young people’s favorite photographing actions, it will be used by young people to take photos in various situations and highlight individuality.

2. Take animation cartoon IP as the prototype or upgrade the game play method. Animation cartoon IP has been the key IP type selected by plush toy manufacturers over the years, accounting for a large proportion of the IP authorized plush toys. On the basis of classic cartoon IP, small toy manufacturers carry out secondary design schemes, which can make them display different design styles or game playing methods, improve the challenge of products, and attract the attention of young people.
3. The rise of the blind box and star doll industry has also brought new opportunities for the development of the plush toy industry and led the new fashion trend.

Post time: Sep-01-2022

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