How to choose a high-quality plush toy for your baby as a New Year gift?

The New Year is coming soon, and all the relatives who have been busy for a year are also preparing the New Year’s goods. For many families with children, the New Year is particularly important. How to choose a suitable New Year gift for your darling?

As a company that focuses on the design and production of plush toys, of course, we should recommend the plush toys that are suitable for the old and young and durable as gifts. Then the new question comes again, how to choose qualified plush toys?

How to choose a high-quality plush toy for your baby as a New Year gift (1)

In the previous article, the doll master actually explained many times that the current plush toy market is full of a lot of shoddy and heartless products. These products are not only inferior in workmanship, but even the toy itself may contain toxic chemical elements, so how to choose is particularly important!

1.Be sure to go to the regular plush toy market for purchase

Generally, large supermarkets or regular online stores have certain production and sales qualifications. We can buy plush toys with good quality there. We must stay away from those roadside stalls! We must pay attention to the fact that inferior plush toys can not bring happiness to children, but will bring endless harm to children!

2. Check the surface material of the toy

First of all, we should check the surface material of the plush toy. Whether from the sense of touch or appearance, the plush toy with good quality will give users a positive experience at the first time! Formal plush toy manufacturers generally have professional toy designers, and the toys designed by these designers day and night are not those that can be worked out in a small workshop in three or two days! Therefore, formal plush toys will be guaranteed from the appearance!

Secondly, in terms of hand feeling, the appearance of high-quality plush toys is very exquisite. After all, the reason why plush toys have stood in the toy market for many years is because of its high-quality hand feeling! So if the plush toy in our hands has rough surface fabric, poor hand feel and serious color distortion, then we can basically determine that this toy is a relatively inferior plush toy!

3. Check the sewing line of the toy

Although all walks of life are now full of high-tech mechanization, many processes cannot be completed by machines. The plush toy industry is even more! Although machines are involved in the process of fabric cutting and cotton filling in the early stage, due to the irregular appearance, the plush toys basically need to be stitched by workers.

Therefore, the suture of plush toys has always been an important reference step to judge the quality of plush toys! Good plush toy factories have hundreds of thousands of professionally trained production workers. These workers are skilled and professional. The sewing seams of plush toys processed by these factories are generally neat, orderly and very strong!

However, the workers in small workshops generally have not received professional training. In addition, the schedule is relatively tight, and the quality of raw materials is relatively poor. Therefore, the sewing seams of these toys are generally messy, and there may even be material exposure!

How to choose a high-quality plush toy for your baby as a New Year gift (2)

What other methods can be used to select?

1. Judge by smell.

When we buy plush toys, we can also basically judge the quality of plush toys by the smell of the toys. Generally, formal plush toy factories have very strict production lines and complete monitoring technology. Once their own toys are unqualified, toy factories will not let them enter the market in order to protect their reputation. However, toy workshops do not have this concern. They will use a lot of chemical additives in order to make toys bright or for other reasons.

We all know that common chemical additives will emit some harmful and irritating gases, such as formaldehyde. Therefore, we can also start from this aspect to judge whether a plush toy has a strong pungent smell. If the plush toy in front of you smells very pungent and makes people feel dizzy, don’t hesitate to buy a safety hazard for your child!

2. Judge by the label of the toy.

The material selection, processing, production, packaging, logistics and other aspects of a regular plush toy are very formal and complex. In order to make a plush toy, the toy factory is painstaking. Therefore, factories will not hesitate to list their own information and toy information on the label of toys as clearly and in detail as possible to promote themselves. However, small workshops can’t avoid it. They will never allow their information to be stored on inferior plush toys to avoid possible risks!

Therefore, we can simply see the quality of plush toys from the label of plush toys. Formal toy labels generally contain information about origin, factory contact information, fabric used, national quality inspection standard number, cleaning method, maintenance method and precautions, etc. If there are only simple words on the toy label in our hands, we must pay attention!

Post time: Jan-13-2023

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