How to choose plush toys

How to choose plush toys? In fact, not only children, but also many adults love plush toys, especially young women. Today, I’d like to share with you some tips for choosing plush toys. The content is not much, but it is all personal experience. Hurry to choose a good plush toy to give away.

For children, most of them like childish shapes or the plush characters in cartoons. I am here to remind you that children’s plush toys are easy to buy, but if you give them to lovers instead of children, you must work hard on their appearance. It’s not good to give them too childish.

1. See the production details

Generally, if plush toys come from a wrong source, they must be made very rough. It can be checked over and over here. If there are many threads ends, the stitched joints are very rough. Then it must not be a good plush toy.

2. Observe the five senses of plush toys

In fact, it mainly looks at the nose and eyes of plush toys. The eyes of high-quality plush toys seem to be able to talk. The nose is either made of leather or sewn by hand. The inferior products are made of plastic and then glued with glue. It looks like a kid. That’s important.

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3. Check cotton

Many people are concerned about whether there is black cotton in plush toys. Actually, you can open the zipper quietly. If the quality of cotton is not good, and the quantity is very small, do not buy such plush toys, whether it is black heart cotton or not. The quality is not good.

You can also press it. If the quality of plush toys is good, they can recover quickly. If they are shriveled, they will shrivel. Either the cotton is bad, or there is too little cotton, which is not elegant.

4.Touch the fabric

Good plush toys are different from poor ones ~ not only that, but they are far from good. Good plush toys are soft and smooth, and the texture of the plush cloth can be clearly seen. Very comfortable.

A bad product feels like a dead thing. It’s hard and pricks people.

5. Never measure by price

Some people like to compare the price with the body shape. For example, the size of five centimeters is the same as that of ten centimeters, but the price is the same. Some people are puzzled. Or wishful thinking that the 5cm is more expensive and the quality is better. In fact, in the manufacturing process, the processing procedures are the same, even the large processing time will be shorter, and the small ones will be slow because of the fine operation, so there is no quality problem.

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Post time: Jun-21-2022

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