How to operate a plush toy factory?

It is not easy to produce plush toys. In addition to complete equipment, technology and management are also important. The equipment for processing plush toys requires a cutting machine, a laser machine, a sewing machine, a cotton washer, a hair dryer, a needle detector, a packer, etc. These are basically the equipment that an export factory needs to prepare.

How to operate a plush toy factory

In addition to this self-provided equipment, the factory also needs reliable computer embroidery factory and computer printing factory, and the most important thing is to have rich material suppliers.

Similarly, the management of employees in the factory is also very important. Generally, in addition to the management, plush toy factories will divide their employees into four categories according to their types of work. The first category is cutting workers, who are responsible for cutting materials into pieces with machines. The second type is a machinist, who is responsible for sewing the cutting machine into leather shells. The third type is a needle worker, who is responsible for such chores as cotton filling, hole drilling, and mouth embroidery. The fourth category is to arrange toys and pack them into boxes. It is very complicated to make plush toys, so the factory’s standard management and strict requirements for employees are very important.

Now that you have a preliminary understanding of the operation of the plush toy factory, are you interested in joining us.

Post time: Sep-26-2022

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