Plush toys are gender neutral and boys have the right to play with them

Many parents’ private letters ask that their boys like to play with plush toys, but most boys prefer to play with toy cars or toy guns. Is this normal?

Plush toys are gender neutral and boys have the right to play with them (1)

In fact, every year, doll masters will receive some questions about such worries. In addition to asking their sons who like to play with plush toys and dolls, they also ask their daughters who like to play with toy cars and toy guns,In fact, this situation is very normal. Don’t make a fuss!

In your impression, lovely toys such as dolls and plush toys are exclusive to girls, while boys prefer more tough toys such as car models. At the same time, pink toys are generally girls’ toys, while blue toys are generally boys’ toys, etc. In conclusion, are children’s toys gender-specific?

Wrong, wrong! In fact, for children before the age of three, their toys are gender-neutral! Children who are too young have no clear understanding of gender. In their world, there is only one criterion for judging toys – that is, fun!

Plush toys are gender neutral and boys have the right to play with them (2)

If parents correct prematurely at this time, it may cause some harm to the baby. When the baby is about 3 years old, the children will begin to understand gender gradually, but this does not mean that boys can’t play with dolls and girls can’t play with cars! “Fun” and “safe” are still our correct criteria for judging toys.

Do you want to classify toys? Of course, but for children, toys only need to be divided into: balls, cars, dolls and other categories to help children better understand the world. Don’t pay too much attention to the love of children of different sexes for different types of toys!

In general, toys are gender-neutral, and we cannot judge toys according to the norms of adult society! Finally, Master Doll wishes you all a happy growth.

Post time: Jan-13-2023

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