Recycling of old plush toys

We all know that old clothes, shoes and bags can be recycled. In fact, old plush toys can also be recycled. Plush toys are made of plush fabrics, PP cotton and other textile materials as the main fabrics, and then filled with various fillings. Plush toys are easy to get dirty in the process of use, resulting in bacteria, so we need to clean them in time, and some old plush toys need to be eliminated. So what kind of garbage should old plush toys belong to?

Recycling of old plush toys

Old plush toys are recyclable. The cloth and cotton in plush toys can be recycled through cleaning, disinfection and other treatment methods, so old plush toys should be put into recyclable barrels. Garbage classification is of great significance to environmental protection and ecological sustainable development. China produces a lot of garbage every day. If we don’t pay attention to the classification and recycling of garbage, it will cause a great waste of resources if we just incinerate or landfill it. Recycling old plush toys can help them play a greater role.

Post time: Sep-08-2022

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