Some knowledge about PP cotton

PP cotton is a popular name for Poly series man-made chemical fibers. It has good elasticity, strong bulkiness, beautiful appearance, is not afraid of extrusion, is easy to wash and fast dry. It is suitable for quilt and clothing factories, toy factories, glue spraying cotton factories, non-woven fabrics and other manufacturers. It has the advantage of being easy to clean.

Some knowledge about PP cotton (1)

PP cotton: commonly known as doll cotton, hollow cotton, also known as filler cotton. It is made of polypropylene fiber for artificial chemical fiber. Polypropylene fiber is mainly divided into ordinary fiber and hollow fiber from the production process. This product has good resilience, smooth feel, low price, and good warmth retention, and is widely used in toy filling, clothing, bedding, glue spraying cotton, water purification equipment and other industries.

Because the chemical fiber material is not very breathable, it is easy to deform and lump after long use, lacking elasticity, and the pillow is uneven. The cheap fiber pillow is easy to deform. Some people will doubt whether PP cotton is harmful to people’s health. In fact, PP cotton is harmless, so we can use it with confidence.

PP cotton can be divided into 2D PP cotton and 3D PP cotton.

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3D PP cotton is a kind of high-grade fiber cotton and also a kind of PP cotton. Its raw material is better than 2D PP cotton. Hollow fiber is used. Products filled with PP cotton have plush toys made of printed cloth, double pillow, single pillow, pillow, cushion, air-conditioning quilt, warm quilt, and other bedding, which are suitable for newlyweds, children, the elderly and other people at all levels. Most of the PP cotton products are pillow.

Post time: Nov-25-2022

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