The necessary knowledge of plush toys for IP! (Part I)

In recent years, China’s plush toy industry is quietly booming. As a national toy category without any threshold, plush toys have become increasingly popular in China in recent years. In particular, IP plush toy products are especially welcomed by market consumers.

As the IP side, how to select high-quality plush toy licensees for cooperation, and how to present a good IP image with plush toys, among which there must be an understanding of plush toys. Now, let’s get to know what a plush toy is? Common classification of plush toys and cooperation precautions.

The necessary knowledge of plush toys for IP (1)

01. Definition of plush toys:

Plush toy is a kind of toy. It is made of plush fabric+pp cotton and other textile materials as the main fabric, and filled with various fillers. In China, we also call them “dolls”, “dolls”, “dolls”, etc.

Plush toys are popular all over the world with their lifelike and lovely shapes, soft and delicate feel, and the advantages of being afraid of extrusion and convenient cleaning. Its beautiful appearance, high security and wide audience make it enduring and popular with thousands of children and adults around the world.

02. Features of plush toys:

Plush toys have the shape of super freedom or reduction. At the same time, its shape can be cute and naive, and it can also be cool. Plush toys with different looks and shapes can give people different feelings. At the same time, it also has many advantages, such as soft touch, no fear of extrusion, convenient cleaning, high safety and wide audience. With these advantages, plush toys quickly rose to the top and became popular all over the world.

Not only children, but now many adults at home and abroad want to have their own plush toys! Therefore, plush toys have become the first choice for people to give gifts to children on many occasions, such as toys or new house decoration. Of course, it has become a popular template authorization category for many IP parties.

03. Classification of plush toys:

From the perspective of product characteristics, we can roughly divide the plush toys into the following categories:

1. Simply divided into stuffed toys and plush toys according to the filling material.

2. Among them, stuffed toys can be divided into stuffed toys and non stuffed toys.

3. The appearance cloth of plush toys is divided into plush toys, velvet plush toys and plush stuffed toys.

4. According to the use of plush toys, it can be divided into decorative toys, souvenir toys, bedside toys, etc.

The necessary knowledge of plush toys for IP (2)

04. Basic materials of plush toys:

① Eyes: including plastic material, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes and cloth eyes.

② Nose: plastic nose, bag nose, flocked nose and matte nose.

③ Cotton: It can be divided into 7D, 6D, 15D, A, B and C. We usually use 7D/A, and 6D is rarely used. Grade 15D/B or C shall be applied to low-grade products or products with very full and hard fortresses. 7D is smooth and elastic, while 15D is rough and hard.

④ According to the fiber length, it is divided into 64MM and 32MM cotton. The former is used for manual cotton washing, while the latter is used for machine cotton washing.

The general practice is to loose the cotton by entering the raw cotton. It is necessary to ensure that the cotton looser operates correctly and has enough cotton loosing times to make the cotton completely loose and achieve good elasticity. If the cotton loosening effect is not good, it will cause a great waste of cotton consumption.

⑤ Rubber particles: This is a popular filler now. First, the diameter should be no less than 3MM, and the particles should be smooth and even. Among them, toys in China are usually made of PE, which is environmentally friendly.

⑥ Plastic accessories: plastic accessories are customized according to different toy models, such as eyes, nose, buttons, etc. Most of them are made of environment-friendly safety plastics, which are not harmful to the human body. However, they should be careful not to fall off easily during sewing.

05. Common fabrics of plush toys:

(1) Short velveteen

① Brief introduction of short velveteen: short velveteen fabric is the most fashionable fabric in the world at present, which is used to make high-quality materials in toys. The surface of this fabric is covered with towering fluff, which is generally about 1.2mm high, forming a flat fluff surface, so it is called velveteen.

② Features of short velveteen: a. The surface of velveteen is densely covered with towering fluff, so it feels soft and has good elasticity, soft luster, and is not easy to wrinkle. b. The fluff is thick, and the fluff on the surface can form an air layer, so the warmth is good. ③ Appearance of short velveteen: The excellent appearance of short velveteen should meet the requirements of plump and upright, flush and even, smooth and flat surface, soft color, small directivity, soft and smooth feel, and full of elasticity.

(2) Pine needle velvet

① Brief introduction to pine needle velvet: The pine needle velvet is made of embroidery thread twisted by FDY polyester filament, combining thread making technology and artificial fur technology. The fabric made of polyester filament is the mainstream product. The new fabric developed combines thread making technology and artificial fur technology, with unique style and strong three-dimensional sense.

② Advantages of pine needle wool: it can not only show elegance and wealth, but also show tenderness and beauty. Due to the change of fabric, it caters to the consumers’ psychology of “seeking novelty, beauty and fashion”.

③ Knowledge of plush toy fabric: this kind of cotton looks very high-end, for example, many bears will use this kind of fabric, but now the phenomenon of shoddy goods as high-quality goods is very serious in the market.

(3) Rose velvet

① Rose velvet introduction: because the appearance is spiral, like roses, it becomes rose velvet.

② The characteristics of rose velvet: comfortable to handle, beautiful and noble, easy to wash, and also has good warmth retention.

Post time: Jan-07-2023

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