The necessary knowledge of plush toys for IP! (Part II)

Risk tips for plush toys:

As a popular toy category, plush toys are especially popular among children. The safety and quality of plush toys can be said to directly affect the health and safety of users. Numerous cases of injuries caused by toys around the world also show that toy safety is very important. Therefore, various countries attach great importance to the quality requirements of toys.

The necessary knowledge of plush toys for IP (3)

In recent years, enterprises have been recalling unqualified toys, making the safety of toys become the focus of the public again. Many toy importing countries have also improved their requirements for toy safety and quality, and introduced or improved regulations and standards on toy safety.

As we all know, China is the largest toy producer in the world and the largest toy exporter in the world. About 70% of toys in the world come from China. In recent years, the trend of foreign technical barriers against China’s children’s products has become increasingly severe, which makes China’s toy export enterprises face increasing pressure and challenges.

The production of plush toys is characterized by labor-intensive manual manufacturing and low technology content, which inevitably leads to some quality problems. Therefore, occasionally, when Chinese toys are recalled due to various safety and quality problems, the vast majority of these toys are plush toys.

The possible problems or risks of plush toy products generally come from the following aspects:

The necessary knowledge of plush toys for IP (4)

① Risk of unqualified mechanical safety performance.

② Risk of health and safety nonconformity.

③ Risk of non conformity of chemical safety performance requirements.

The first two items are easy for us to understand. Our plush toy manufacturers, especially export enterprises, must strictly control the safety of production machinery, environment and raw materials during the manufacturing process.

In view of Article 3, in recent years, the requirements of various countries on the chemical safety performance of toy products have been constantly upgraded. The United States and the European Union are the two major markets for China’s toy exports, accounting for more than 70% of the total toy exports each year. The successive promulgation of the “U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act” H.R.4040: 2008 and the “EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC” has raised the threshold for China’s toy exports year by year, Among them, the EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, which is known as the most stringent in history, was fully implemented on July 20, 2013. The 4-year transition period for the chemical safety performance requirements of the Directive has passed. The number of toxic and harmful chemicals explicitly prohibited and restricted by the chemical safety performance requirements that were first implemented in the Directive has increased from 8 to 85, and the use of more than 300 nitrosamines, carcinogens, mutagens, and fertility affecting substances has been prohibited for the first time.

Therefore, the IP side must also be cautious and rigorous in carrying out the licensing cooperation of plush toys, and have a thorough understanding and grasp of the production qualification and product quality of the licensees.

07. How to judge the quality of plush products

① Look at the eyes of plush toys

The eyes of high-quality plush toys are very magical. Because they usually use high-end crystal eyes, most of these eyes are bright and deep, and we can even make eye contact with them.

But the eyes of those inferior plush toys are mostly very coarse, and there are even some toys

There are bubbles in your eyes.

② Feel the inner filler

High quality plush toys are mostly filled with high-quality PP cotton, which not only feels good but also rebounds very quickly. We can try to squeeze the plush toys. The better toys bounce back very quickly, and generally do not deform after springing back.

And those inferior plush toys generally use coarse fillers, and the rebound speed is slow, which is also very bad.

③ Feel the shape of plush toys

Professional plush toy factories will have their own plush toy designers. Whether they are drawing dolls or customizing dolls, these designers will design according to the prototype to make them more consistent with the characteristics of plush toys. Both safety and aesthetics will have certain characteristics. When we see that the plush toys in our hands are cute and full of design, this doll is basically of high quality.

The low-quality plush toys are generally small workshops. They have no professional designers and can only copy the design of some large factories, but the degree of reduction is not high. This kind of toy not only looks unattractive, but also strange! So we can judge the quality of this toy by simply feeling the shape of the plush toy!

④ Touch plush toy fabric

Professional plush toy factories strictly control the outer materials of toys. These materials are not only soft and comfortable, but also bright and bright. We can simply touch these plush toys to feel whether the fabric is soft and smooth, without knots and other undesirable conditions.

Poor fabrics are generally used for inferior plush toys. These fabrics look like ordinary fabrics from a distance, but they feel stiff and knotty. At the same time, the color of these inferior fabrics will not be so bright, and there may be discoloration, etc. We should pay attention to the plush toys in this situation!

These are the common tips for identifying four kinds of plush toys. In addition, we can also identify them by smelling the smell, looking up the label and other methods.

08. Matters needing attention about the plush toy licensees cooperated by the IP side:

As the IP side, whether it is customized or cooperating with the licensee, it is necessary to pay attention to the qualification of the plush toy factory first. We must pay attention to the manufacturer’s own production scale and equipment conditions. At the same time, the doll’s production technology and strength is also an important basis for our choice.

A mature plush toy factory with regular cutting workshop; Sewing workshop; Completion workshop, embroidery workshop; Cotton washing workshop, packaging workshop, and inspection center, design center, production center, storage center, material center and other complete institutions. At the same time, the quality inspection of products should adopt the executive standards not lower than those of the European Union, and it is better to have international and domestic certifications such as international ICTI, ISO, UKAS, etc.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the materials used for customized dolls. This has a very important relationship with the factory qualification. In order to keep the price down, many factories use unqualified materials, and the interior is a “black cotton” with endless practical consequences. The price of plush toys made in this way is cheap, but it does no good!

Therefore, when choosing plush toy manufacturers for cooperation, we must take into account the qualification and strength of the factory, instead of focusing on the immediate benefits.

The above is about the sharing of plush toys, if you like, please contact us!

Post time: Jan-07-2023

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