What kind of plush toys are suitable for children

Toys are essential for children’s growth. Children can learn about the world around them from toys, which attract children’s curiosity and attention with their bright colors, beautiful and strange shapes, clever activities, etc. Toys are concrete actual objects, similar to the image of real objects, which can meet the desire of children to use their hands and brains and manipulate objects. Now many children like to buy plush toys when they buy toys. On the one hand, because plush toys have many cartoon characters, and plush toys appear in front of them like cartoon characters on TV, they have a special liking for plush toys. So, what material should parents choose when choosing plush toys?

What kind of plush toys are suitable for children

We can learn about the materials of plush toys.

1. PP cotton

It is a man-made chemical cotton fiber, which is commonly called “hollow cotton” or “doll cotton”. It has the advantages of excellent extrusion resistance, easy cleaning, quick drying in the air and fluffy degree. Of course, what we value most is the high safety of PP cotton, which does not contain chemical stimulants such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents. Therefore, factories often use them as fillers for plush toys, pillow cores and other items.

Another very important thing is that PP cotton is easy to clean, just need detergent to clean and dry. However, due to the poor air permeability of chemical fiber materials, PP cotton is very easy to deform or agglomerate after being used for a long time. Therefore, it is suggested that parents should try to choose those plush toys with good elasticity and certain brand awareness when choosing plush toys for their children. Even though the price is slightly higher, the health of children is the most important.

2. Down cotton

It is what we call silk wool in our daily life. This material is not real cotton, but is made of superfine fiber through several special processes. Its shape is very similar to down, so we call it “down cotton”. It has many advantages, such as light and thin texture, good warmth retention, not easy to deform and many other advantages. Manufacturers often use it as filling materials for plush toys, down jackets and so on according to its advantages.

Of course, down cotton has another very important advantage, that is, its production cost is relatively low and its cost performance is very high, which is popular with manufacturers and consumers. However, the disadvantage of down cotton is also very obvious, that is, it is not resistant to washing. In our life, we often have the phenomenon that the down jacket shrinks and its elasticity decreases after washing down, which is the “beauty in the wool”. The same is true for plush toys.

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Post time: Nov-21-2022

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